A protection program for your pet in 3 steps

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    Sign up today for FREE and add your pet to the Anicod Database. Then, you just need to buy an ID tags in our store to take benefits of all our protection services !

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  • Step 2 : Get a tag

    Don't have a Digital Pet ID Tag? Visit our online shop to get hold of a unique ID tag dedicated to the protection of your pet.

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  • Step 3 : Activate and Link your tag

    Make sure your pet is always safe with the Anicod protection service: link your tag to your pet and enjoy all our protection services !

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The Medal Tag : Intelligent - Connected - Resistant

medaille anicod

Intelligent and Connected


Our medal tag have a unique ID provided by an unpowered NFC chip, a QR CODE et an alphanumeric code readable by a phone, a smartphone or a simple home computer.




Our NFC and QR code medal tag are part of the most resistant on the market. The medal tag can support high / low temperature and is fully waterproof.

More than a medal tag, lot of dedicated services for your pet

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